Brim Laundry Machinery Co., Inc. is capable of taking on many different types of projects that require innovative solutions for complex industrial equipment design and manufacture.   We have worked in diverse areas not associated with typical laundry applications including projects for military, prison, and food service industries.

Mobile Washer/Dryer

In 1999 Brim Laundry Machinery Co., Inc. became a partner in the design and entered into production of components for field laundry systems for the United States Army.  The units are called Laundry Advanced System (LADS), and consist of two washing and drying drums per unit.  Each drum is capable of washing, rinsing, extracting, and drying 200 lbs. of laundry per hour.  These drums are trailer mounted with a water recycling system, heating system, and power generator to form a complete mobile laundry solution.