Braun Laundry

Brim Laundry Machinery offers you a comprehensive catalog of Braun Laundry parts and components for all your maintenance and installation needs. The company even offers additional services like layout design, rigging, installation, and technical support to ensure smooth operations for your industrial or commercial laundry shop. We maintain the best relationship with all clients, big or small.

Braun Laundry is a trusted name in high-capacity, technologically-advanced laundry machines and dryers. The brand's PT series is the most efficient, compact, and advanced on the market to date. Available in steam or gas-fired models and offering capacities between 250 and 850 lbs, these dryers can act as stand-alone units or as part of a fully-automated wash-dry laundry system. 
Braun Laundry PT dryers use a unique linear flame source, as opposed to the typical ring design that other dryers use. This allows for more evenly distributed heat throughout the dryer basket. Because heat is spread evenly along the length of the dryer, it eliminates cold spots and provides efficient, even drying across the machine's temperature range. Braun is definitely one of the best choices of laundry equipment on the market if you want the advantage of consistent performance and outstanding resource efficiency. 
Looking for a reliable laundry machine and parts supplier? Brim Laundry offers an entire range of products from the most trusted brands in the industry. The company carries Wash Ex lines on top of Braun machines and Challenge Dryer parts. They supply a wide range of facilities, including industrial and commercial laundry establishments that swear by the excellence of the lines of equipment and products that the company offers. Look no further than Brim Laundry for all your commercial/industrial laundry machinery needs.

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